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What is “Inbound Marketing” – Push is Out, Attraction is In

The average consumer is a pro at dodging outbound marketing attempts. Technologies such as caller ID, DVR, and Sirus Radio help people block out the nearly 2000 unwanted outbound marketing attempts headed their way each day. In fact, 86 percent of people skip through television commercials with DVR. And even worse for paid advertisers is that 84 percent of 25 to 34 year old’s have clicked out of a website because of an intrusive or irrelevant advertisement. Outbound marketing drives potential customers away.

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Components of Inbound Marketing

The process of blocking out all of these unwanted advertisements and spam is exhausting and as a result, consumer distrust of traditional ads continues to rise. Outbound messages are not being received by customers anymore – it’s time to switch to a new method of acquiring business.

So if outbound marketing doesn’t work, what does?

inbound marketing, attration marketing, SEO OrlandoInbound marketing, or attraction marketing, reaches the consumer by providing quality information that the consumer seeks out.  There are two main reasons why attraction marketing is much better than outbound marketing. The first reason is that it costs less! Over 44% of percent of direct mail goes from the mailbox to the trash without ever being opened – what a waste of money! Radio and television spots are getting skipped over with more and more frequency and even the targeted Facebook and search engine ads are barely paid any attention to these days. Paid advertising costs money while pushing customers away. Attraction marketing draws customers in and can be done for free or for a much lower cost.

The second reason why attraction marketing works is that attraction marketing adds value to the consumer, which brings your customers right to you. Your customers see the value in the content you create and flock to your website and blog to get the information they want. Then, when they are ready to purchase the product or service, they are already familiar with your brand and see you as an expert and leader in the field. Attraction marketing is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Instead of grabbing in the dark for customers, your customers are seeking you out for information and advice.

Let’s break it down a little more…

Today the Internet allows anyone to create and publish content online. Creating content is easy to do and is very inexpensive. Social media sites make sharing content as simple as the click of a button and WordPress blogs and websites are designed so that anyone can use them.

When the average customer makes a purchasing decision he or she spends time researching the purchase online before making a decision. For this reason, putting out original content that helps the consumer make this purchase is a very effective way to attract new customers. If you have valuable information, your customers will find your website or blog as a source of expertise in the subject matter and when the time comes to make the buying decision, your company will be the first one on their mind.

What are the downfalls of attraction marketing?

inbound marketing Orlando, attraction marketing hartford, SEO hartfordWhile attraction marketing is more effective at gaining a customer’s trust and return business, the entire process takes time and must be done right. To attract customers with social media and information in blog articles or website pages, you must first take the time to write quality, unique content. You also must build up your search engine rankings so that your website and articles are found when a customer searches the topic that they need information on. Attraction marketing takes time and effort and even after the time is spent, the results cannot be guaranteed.

Another concern is that inbound marketing is a delicate craft. With outbound marketing the downfall is that customers know that they are being marketed at, therefore when creating content and blog marketing, you must be careful not to sell at these potential customers. It may be tempting to put a sale pitch in each blog post, but the most effect methods of attraction marketing come from sincere and thoughtful content.

While inbound marketing has a few minor drawbacks, it is the best way to attract customers in today’s market. Marketing is undergoing a fundamental change – push is out, attraction is in. Are your customers finding you?

Photo Credit: Gavin Llewellyn

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