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We are a marketing company that takes your ROI seriously. If it doesn’t build your brand and increase lead generation, why waste the time and money? Brandtastic is expert in web design, SEO, branding, logo design, brochure, ad and collateral development. Our web design is built with SEO in mind from the ground up. If your site is not performing well, we can also improve things using better content and effective SEO. Our goal is to deliver qualified traffic to your site and turn them into new clients or customers for your business.

Content is crucial to success on the web or in your sales material, ads, brochures and collateral. We will dive into your company, learn your story and tell it in a compelling and visually attractive way. Communication is about more than just the words on the page, and we know how to craft your marketing material to boost your brand. Our writers, photographers, videographers and artists will capture the essence of what your company needs to project and put it in a framework that will get you noticed.

Remember, getting to the top of Google is achievable – but if all of your visitors duck out of your site in the first 10 seconds, you won’t be adding any new business. We need to design your site to convert them into leads that take action (call you or respond on-line). We want to lead them deeper into your site by keeping them interested enough to want to know more.

And once you make contact, do you have an effective sales presentation? Are your products branded to look as good as they are? Do your salespeople have business cards and brochures that make a great impression as leave-behinds? And if they don’t come to the plate right now, do you have an effective follow-up strategy that includes direct mail and phone contact? We all know that buying decisions sometimes require many “touch” points between the potential new customer and the “courting” company. This process is like courting in many ways, because it is all about developing relationship. Along with relationship comes trust and the brand awareness that will soon lead to more new customers. The whole marketing to sales process needs to be designed to be constantly putting your best face forward, and leading the potential customer towards a business transaction. After all, that is the goal – right?

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