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Five Ways Business Analytics Can Benefit Your Company

Business analytics is a combination of technologies and practices that allow a company or organization to visualize its trajectories in a variety of areas. With a good business analytics strategy, using widely available software, you can see a “map” of the things that drive your business and make informed decisions about marketing, advertising, customer care, sales, infrastructure, personnel and more. Brandtastic would like to share a brief overview of five of the advantages you can bring to your company when you use some of the business analytics options available to you.

Marketing Campaign, Tampa FLServe your customers better

Customers can often provide you with some very important data that you can use to streamline their shopping experience and make it simpler for them. Knowing your customers’ preferences, habits and history with your company will allow you to develop targeted marketing campaigns and sales specials that speak to the things that are most important to the people who buy from you.

Make better internal decisions

Business analytics is helping companies around the world make better decisions by understanding the results of those decisions ahead of time. Predictive analytics can show you how changes in your business might affect sales, future growth and your bottom line. Prescriptive analysis will reveal options for addressing changes that happen in the larger business climate and in your operations.

Supply chain and inventory issues

The efficiency with which you move and house products can be greatly enhanced with business analytics software. You can investigate supply chain issues and production slowdowns that are currently happening, and you can predict and be ready for problems that may arise in the future.

Analyzing and adjusting your inventory will help you stay ahead of the latest buying trends, holiday events and promotions that you’re marketing heavily. You’ll then know how to adjust your inventory for projected sales.

company Cyber Security, Sarasota FLCompany security

In our interconnected world, there’s always a need to enhance our cyber- security practices. Business analytics software can help you in many ways as you protect customer data as well as your financial, marketing, research and other platforms. You don’t have to be a huge, multi-division company to benefit from business analytics security programs. You can set up a system that’s designed for your specific needs and company size.

Address theft and other risks

With a sound business analytics system, you’ll be able to get a clear picture of theft issues throughout your company and all its locations. Analysis will tell you the highest theft-risk areas and help you combat them. In a case where you’ve amassed excess inventory, analysis software will help you work with pricing options for clearance sales to get out from under the baggage.

Getting you the business that builds your business

Brandtastic is a Florida-based expert in all things digital, and our job is to help you increase your business beyond what you ever thought possible. We provide proven search engine marketing practices that will help you get noticed online and attract more customers.

We don’t engage in business analytics; rather, we engage in growing your business so that analytics software can then help you manage and run it. Speak with a recognized expert in SEO and SEM today by calling (813) 441- 0275. You can also get in touch with our handy contact form.

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