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30 Years of Logo Designs!

Wow, that is scary. I have actually been designing logos for over 30 years! I think that makes me OLD by most standards . . . but I really would prefer it if you would use the word “experienced.” I just love branding and logo design so my work has brought me on an enjoyable journey. God was gracious enough to allow me a measure of natural talent, and it has been very rewarding using it to help companies define their image through a logo design. That logo design ends up being the core image that your branding is hung on, it becomes “real estate in the consumers mind” as my friend Jerry Ross says.

My work started right after schooling at Syracuse University’s School of Advertising Design. I joined my dad’s existing sign business and promptly began redesigning most of our customers logos in the Hartford, CT area. New customers always got tremendous deals on logo designs too and soon I had a bit of a decent reputation as a designer. As the years passed, many clients asked us to handle their brochures, ads, displays and many other crazy things. When they asked if we could do something related to marketing or their image, the answer was always “yes, sure we can do that.” By tackling more and more we gained experience in many areas of marketing and branding.

Around 1990, my concentration was fully towards design and becoming more of an “ad agency” without the traditional BS trappings that end up costing clients through the nose. This strategy paid off and as my original clients grew we grew with them. In this ‘day and age’ I feel privileged indeed to have clients that have been with me since the late 70’s!

In the late 90’s we began to see the real emergence of the web on the marketing landscape locally in Hartford, and began helping companies tell their story with a web design. Today, of course – your web design IS your hub of all marketing. As a result most of our work is creating web design in the Hartford, CT area and now in the Orlando, FL area too. Yes, I finally smartened up and figured out that we did not have to put up with slush, ice and drab, gray skies forever – moved the family South about 5 years ago. We love it here in Orlando, but work brings me back to Hartford office on a regular basis. In fact, a week from today I will be shooting photos for a painting contractor in Farmington, CT for Franklin Painting’s web site redo. If you’re from CT area and would like to get together the last week of the September, please give me a call on my cell @ 407-414-5270.

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