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greener grass = better results

There’s a lot to read here – best to view on computer, not phone.

Billy, I spent some time looking over the situation. As you know I do ongoing SEO work for most of my customers to keep them in the race for rankings. Things have changed that effect that and you need to stay current. The other important thing is to have new content added to the site on a regular basis. The cost is between 1000 and 2000 a month. We can work with 1000 a month for you. I understand completely if you can’t swing that. The problem is that it is getting harder to do what I do and the time and work it takes needs to be covered. I have 4 other people working with me now, 1 full time and 3 part time. We stay busy but I would love to work with you to keep your site competitive.


Having a “responsive” web design has become important and all of our new sites are built that way. What that means is you scrap the mobile site that I built and the responsive design looks good on any device. If you are on a desktop computer open this link in a new window – then grab the corner of the window and make the window smaller. You will see that when it gets small enough it just transforms into the mobile version. This way everyone gets the same info no matter what device they use. Try it on this site http://www.yankeedoodleinc.com


You will also notice the images that slide across the screen. That is a visual effect that people like. If we work together again, I would redo the home page more like that.


Another technique that has become needed is to build “town pages” for the places that a customer needs help ranking in. Here is an example of a town page we built for a sweep in Atlanta area – https://www.chimneysolutions.com/cumming-ga-chimney-sweep/


Looking at Google Analytics tonight I can see that your web visits are actually UP over last year about 16% for the past 30 day period. Looking forward using last year as a guide visits pick up Nov 1 and drop off again Feb 15 approximately.


The last time I ran this software was in February of 2014 – so you can see which keyword searches went up and which ones went down. Overall you are still doing well especially in the towns surrounding Houston.

There is a whole lot of “stuff” that needs to be done. I am just giving you a quick view of the situation with this page. I suggest that if you are able that we start working on it soon.

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