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Real Marketing Results For Bigfoot Trailers

Brandtastic specializes in getting real results using Custom Web Design, SEO, Social Media / Paid Advertising, Photo / Video Production, and so much more.

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Custom web designs in Lakeland, FL & Pittsburgh, PA


Bigfoot Trailers Web Branding

Initially, Bigfoot's website started on a Wix template, with 21 pages that were made up of user resource pages and product pages, and a design that wasn't the most user-friendly. While using Wix, they couldn't be found on Google. After working with our team and establishing a course of action, Bigfoot Trailers can now maintain a POWERFUL web presence after Brandtastic's epic upgrade:

  • A Custom-Built Website Using WordPress

  • 40+ Highly Optimized Content Pages

  • Social Media Management

  • Quality On-Site Photos & Videos

With that and much more we've been able to partner with Bigfoot Trailers and achieve more website traffic and better-qualified leads.

We Do It All

Brandtastic does everything to help companies like Lakeland Septic and more, succeed online. That's why we offer an all-inclusive marketing package for your company.

Professional photo and video in Lakeland, FL & Pittsburgh, PA


On-site visits are always included when you sign up.


8 creative writers offering way more than AI.


Engaging content that grows awareness on all platforms.


Fully custom website, not built with pre-made templates.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Search Engine Optimization

We built a completely custom website with 40+ pages designed to rank #1 on Google.

Custom Videos

We increase your brand awareness using videos created specifically for your company.

On-Site Photos

Our team comes equipped with professional cameras, drones and more for on-site visits. This ensures that only the best footage is used for your website and social media.

Social Media

A constant stream of social media posts, involving both custom designed advertisements and regular updates from the company.

An Entire Team Here For You

Now more than ever you need a strong marketing team that understands your septic company.

Lead Writer

Citation Manager

Lead Writer

General Manager

Blog Management

Tampa Office Manager

Creative Director

Head of Web Design

Head of Video Department

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Video Editor

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