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 Pete, I look forward to meeting you Thursday at HPBA. We took a look at your market area and ran some stats on where you rank using our tracking software. We picked several towns and combined them with products you offer to get an idea of how well your website is ranking when potential customers look on the web. In some areas you are doing fine, like Levittown and Fairness Hills, but other areas not doing good at all.

Can you imagine the increase in calls if you were to rank well everywhere that you service! Now I may not have your service area fully correct, we just guessed based on your store location. Also, these ranking results do tend to jump around quite a lot so if we ran the same test tomorrow we would get slightly different results. The overall picture does indicated lots of room for improvement though.


We specialize in building sites that capture new business and rank very high on the Search Engines.I really think that we could make a big difference for you in terms of generating more leads and much more business from the web.


We do business with a Patio / Hearth Store in Iowa – Check Out Their Current Rankings Here.


The chart below indicates where you are in the rankings.


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