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Your Website’s Google Ranking Report


Thanks for calling from our email. I spent a few hours looking over things and will be calling you shortly. The Report below is a snapshot of your current Rankings on Google for terms that we thought would make sense.

These results are fairly accurate, but not perfect. They do provide a good idea of where you are now though. By adding a town to the main keyword we are able to mimic how the actual search without the town might appear if you were in that town when you did the search. We picked towns that seemed to be in your market area.

There are 16 Results that show up in positions 1,2 or 3 (16% of total) out of the 99 search terms we tested. 25 show on Page 1 of Google (25% of total). Very few people go past Page 1 of Google and most choose to click on the Top 3 Results.

This means there is still quite a LOT of room for improvement!

The user experience with the website is not what we would want to see. The website is not mobile-friendly and since most searches on done on a phone today – that is very important.

One difference you will find with Brandtastic is that we have a proven record of success with all of our clients and can show tracking data and analytics to support our claims. This is one of the major distinctions between our company and other Web / SEO / Marketing / PR companies. Many are able to talk about things like SEO, but few are able to get real tangible results as we do. We also manage many other important aspects of the ongoing marketing that is needed today to compete including Social Media, Google Ads, Blog Posting, Facebook Ads, and more.


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