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seo for service business in Atlanta

With Over 20 Techs On The Road – The Leads NEED to Come In.

We Started With Atlanta Based “Chimney Solutions” Over 10 Years Ago. Brandtastic Keeps the Leads & Calls Coming In!

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IF Your Business Needs a Steady Stream of Leads and New Business to keep your crews busy – We Should Talk!

Brandtastic Gets Amazing Results for ALL Types of Service & Construction Businesses. We love working for service companies that are looking to rank well in their local markets and beat the competition with their website. As a marketing company we use many techniques to generate new business including Social Media, Google Ads, Blogging, Facebook Ads and by creating compelling content that will Tell Your Company’s Story and attract new business.

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How Many Web Visits Do You Need?

OK, Let’s Talk Google Rankings.

We Can Show You The Entire List When We Meet on ZOOM!

You will NOT find other companies that are able to show REAL RESULTS like this!

Google Analytics shows Consistent Growth that comes from Top Google Rankings. This Seasonal Business keeps getting more visits, and more leads every year. This makes them the Dominant Player in their market and they can claim the Lion’s Share of the new business allowing them to keep growing their business.

We get personal with your service team, which means being on-site (yes we travel all over the country) and following them as they do their work, as they interact with customers and as your staff works at your facility. This gives your website exactly what the visitor is looking for, a REAL company – not a bunch of stock photos or poor photos that were taken in-house. Professional photography and videography is key to any successful marketing plan. It engages the potential customer and shows that you really are what you say you are.

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Brandtastic’s President is at the helm of all projects and he knows the way to get results. So many other marketing companies do only some of the work required, in the wrong order, and never finish it or keep up with things. This allows Brandtastic to stand out from our competition in ways that will benefit your business.

IF you Own a Business… You NEED to Know How You Rank on Google!

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Give Frank Motola (Brandtastic President) a call ANYTIME at (407) 414-5270 if you would like to learn more about what it really takes to make it to Market Your Local Service Business.

We are always happy to explain the techniques and strategies that need to be used consistently to achieve that goal. Our programs typically include making your website into a SUPER SITE that Delivers Leads Consistently, handling ALL content – writing, photography, and videography. Plus you can count on Brandtastic to manage your Google Ads, Review Building, Facebook Ads, and Social Media like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin.

We are known Nationally for Our SEO Work – so feel free to look around at some of our SEO information pages to learn more. We manage both SEO and Internet Marketing campaigns for both local and national companies with Proven Results.

The Brandtastic Team

We Have A Diverse Team That Is Ready To “Mine” For Great Results!

Our marketing talent “dwarfs” the competition. If you think you need to pay “big ad agency” prices,
go ahead. If you want results that are worth paying for, call us!

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