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Tips for Building Your Brand

Branding is more important for businesses now than ever before. With so much social media chatter created by companies, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd if you want to grow and succeed. However, branding goes beyond logos and slogans; it’s how your company is perceived, its true identity. Let’s look at why creating a brand around your company is essential and how to do it.

Brand Building Tips in Tampa Bay FlWhat is a Brand?

As mentioned, many people associate a brand with a company logo. The most successful companies have instantly recognizable logos, like Apple, Pepsi, IBM, FedEx, etc. However, logos don’t tell you what the company stands for or values they hold; they’re marketing tools but don’t give us the complete picture.

So, what is a brand?

According to Investopedia, The term brand refers to a business and marketing concept that helps people identify a particular company, product, or individual. They provide enormous value to the company or individual, giving them a competitive edge over others in the same industry.

Here’s an interesting way to think about a brand. Consider former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs was renowned for his outfit, consisting of a mock turtleneck, Levi’s blue jeans, and New Balance sneakers. Much like a company’s logo, it was iconic but didn’t tell you much about the man. Steve’s brand — his identity — was that of a demanding perfectionist, an innovator, and someone who could drive people to do great work. Your company’s brand is the heart and soul of your business, what you’re about, and how you’re perceived.

Why Branding is Important

People will judge your company based on the brand you put in front of them, which is why it’s essential you create the right image. Your brand gives your company personality and builds trust, which is more important now with the power of social media to make or break companies overnight.

People are more likely to do business with brands they trust and respect, and if you’re not telling your story, others will do it for you, and you may not like what they say. Building your own brand allows you to take the reins and steer your company’s reputation the way you want.

How to Build a Brand

Now that you know why branding is crucial to your business, let’s look at strategies to put your business in the best light, attract new customers, and retain current ones.

Get to Know Your Target Audience

The first questions you must answer are, who are you trying to appeal to, and who are your competitors?

Answer these questions by lurking on social media sites like Reddit or Twitter to see what conversations people have about products or services related to what you’re doing. What do they like, what don’t they like, what are their experiences, and what products do they recommend? You can also talk to people directly about what brands they like and frequent. Lastly, check out your competition to see how they present themselves, how they interact with customers, and what personality they present.

Make A Brand Statement

If you’re a new or new-ish company without much cred, you’re better off picking a demographic to appeal to instead of trying to be all things to everyone. Choosing an area to laser focus on makes it easier to build your brand by establishing trust that you can leverage when you expand later.

An excellent way to do this is to create a brand statement. For example, you could say, “Our mission is to sell mid-priced widgets to homeowners to make DIY repairs easier. And, unlike other widget sellers, our widgets are made in America, which keeps American workers employed.” Getting your brand statement nailed down as soon as possible helps you stay focused and on message in your future marketing efforts.

Create a Slogan

Don’t underestimate how important something as simple as a slogan can be to your brand. Slogans are memorable, include a benefit, and differentiate you from your competitors.
Many people use slogans and taglines interchangeably, but they serve different purposes. A tagline is a catchy saying that paints a visual picture of the company, while a slogan encompasses your company’s personality, mission, and uniqueness.

According to Indeed, A slogan can help build a relationship between a brand and the public by telling the public what the company stands for and what they offer. Here are some of the most famous slogans, so you can see how they say everything you need to know about the company and what you can expect when doing business with them.

– BMW: “The ultimate driving machine.”
– Mastercard: “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.”
– Target: “Expect more. Pay less.”
– Lay’s: “Betcha can’t eat just one.”
– State Farm: “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”

Create Your Look

Creating a logo and choosing fonts and colors gives your company a look you want to present to the world. Now, don’t worry if you don’t nail this right away because you can always change it later. However, it’s helpful to research how people perceive colors and fonts when deciding what to incorporate into your look. For example, UPS didn’t pick brown as their color haphazardly; it was intentional.

One of the company’s founders wanted to paint the trucks yellow, but co-founder, Charlie Soderstrom, said yellow trucks would be impossible to keep clean. He suggested brown, used by Pullman’s luxury rail cars at the time because it suggested “class, elegance, and professionalism.” And dirt doesn’t appear on brown as it does on yellow.

It’s impossible to think about UPS without seeing the color brown. The colors you select may not become as iconic, but it’s still important to pick ones that reflect your mission and personality.

Again, you don’t have to spend thousands on a designer and months poring over proofs to get it perfect, especially if you’re a new business. Do the best you can do now, and remember; you can adjust it as you go.

Growing your brand and evolving in Orlando, FL

Evolve As You Go

As mentioned, you don’t have to nail everything about your brand perfectly from the get-go; most companies evolve as they grow and attract more diverse customers.

You can’t always control what others think about your company or how you’re portrayed on social media, but if you have a cohesive brand strategy from the start, it’s easier to fall back on if things don’t always go your way.

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